Wednesday, May 21, 2008

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John Hancock Tower at night

The Benefits of Multitasking...

After shooting HD video for a client at the opening of the new Apple Store in Boston Thursday, I dug out my still camera and tripod and did a walking tour, shooting some photos of the Back Bay at night.

One of those photos was picked up as the Photo of the Day on, a cool website about everything Boston (sister publication to NYC's Gothamist).

The photo is a black and white image of the John Hancock Tower (at 790 ft., the tallest building in New England--135th tallest in the world).

Here are a few other photos from my post-Apple nocturnal ramble:
The Lenox Hotel, BostonBackBay-1-6Old South Church, Copley Square, BostonThe Lenox Hotel, BostonBackBay-1-28Moon over the BPLBackBay-1-24Night flowers, Boylston StreetBackBay-1Newbury Street dress shop at night
photos ©2008 Brad Kelly


Brian Kelly said...

Wow...night photography? World's are colliding. Good thing you don't live in Grand Rapids as I have sole license to shoot the city at night.

BradKellyFilms said...

Yes, I heard that, unless they're paying for one of your classes, the police are authorized to destroy the cameras of any photographer caught out after dusk within the GR city limits. Urban legend? I'm not sure, but it'd be a crazy man who'd try to find out.

Brian Kelly said...

I got people.

jenn said...

Hey, congratualtions! I hear is rather picky about their Photo choices. Great job. Looking forward to seeing more.

Art said...

Love the photos Brad.

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