Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Umbrella Photo a Winner in RAW Contest

Umbrella Couple

One of my photos was recently chosen as one of ten winners in the "April Showers" themed contest sponsored by RAW, a photo community run by The Boston Globe. It's an honor to be picked out of hundreds of submissions, even if "honorable mention" doesn't come with any cash.

My photo was snapped from the hip one rainy evening outside the Coolidge Corner Theater, as a couple waited to cross the street, the streetlight casting silhouettes on the wet translucent fabric of the umbrella they shared. It's one of those fleeting images that often catch your eye when you don't have a camera with you to record it.

You can view my photo and the others in the Winners Gallery. I have to give props to the Globe and the judges for going with a more abstract collection of photos than one might have expected. Good to see it wasn't full of the usual stock suspects.

Pat Glennon's evocative winning image (scintillatingly titled "21/365 v2.0") is positively minimalist; a blurred glob of tail lights through a wiper-streaked windshield.