Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"America's Next Top Superhero" screening at "Sci-Fi Sundance."


"America's Next Top Super Hero," a short film that I shot for the 48 Hour Film Project (over four years ago!) has been picked-up to screen at The Wrath of Con: Science Fiction and Film Conference in Panama City Beach, FL at the end of this month.

The Wrath of Con convention is a geeky collection of workshops, autograph sessions, memorabilia and hobnobbing with authors, costumed fans and D-list Sci-Fi well as a slate of films they're calling the "Sci-Fi Sundance." I'll be waiting for the Weinstein's call...

The main reason I'm disappointed I can't attend is that my childhood hero (circa 1978), Capt. Apollo, Viper pilot of the Battlestar Galactica (Richard Hatch) will be there in person.

Mr. Hatch in later years.

As Commander Adama's (Lorne Greene) level-headed son, Apollo was charged with defending the "rag-tag fugitive fleet" of planet-less humans from Cylon attack. And he was a much better role model than that loose cannon, Starbuck (Dirk Benedict), who only seemed to have cigars and women on his mind (and probably not even in that order).

Starbuck and Apollo, defenders of the remnant.


jenn said...

Wow, that's too bad you'll miss it!(wink). I too enjoyed Starbuck and Apollo, but perhaps for different reasons. I am, however, still slightly partial to Buck. Rogers that is.