Friday, June 13, 2008

Hanna's Gift and Queenvick at BIFF

Victoria Englemayer, star of many a Playomatic 48 Hour Film Project is now an LA based actor. However, she's back in town for the screening of the movie Hanah's Gift at the Boston International Film Festival tonight at the AMC Loews, Boston Common. Victoria scored a lead role in what looks to be an intriguing horror film (appropriately premiering on Friday the 13th!).


In Hanah's Gift, she plays the childlike, "Toby." In 2005 she played Heike Koller, European pop star, in our NYC 48 Hour Film entry.

Portrait of the Artist as a Frightened Young Immigrant.

Hal and Victoria during the "Squeeze Your Thumbs" shoot.
Young Artist transforms into Star.
Hal B. Klein and Victoria during the shoot in New York City.