Friday, December 28, 2007

An Otis Grove New Year

I was at the Middle East a couple nights ago shooting a live set for a local band (a punk band, but that's another story) when I noticed this poster for Otis Grove playing for free on New Years Eve.

In September I worked with Adam Woodworth to shoot Otis Grove's CD release concert at a really cool warehouse location in Somerville. The band has posted a few of the cuts from the DVD here, if you're interested in seeing some of what we shot.

Adam, by the way, has made some really top notch short films. Comedy fans will recognize local comedy legend DJ Hazard playing the heavy in Adam's latest: Bourbon: The Movie. (Non-gangster film fans, need not apply)

So if you haven't made New Years Eve plans and went a little over budget on the holiday spending this year, head over to the Middle East Monday and ring in the New Year with Otis Grove and their unique brand of feisty retro-jazz/rock.

They are a truly stellar live trio, rockin' a great old Hammond organ through the coolest vintage amps in Boston. Can't beat the price, either.