Tuesday, December 11, 2007

HD Shoot for CCAS

Last month I worked as DP (Director of Photography) with Playomatic Media Group to shoot a high-definition product demonstration for Cross Country Automotive Services for one of their new high-tech automotive products (think OnStar on steroids).

A good part of the shoot was outdoors utilizing a jib (basically, a nifty sort of balanced arm with the camera mounted at the end for smooth Hollywood-style camera moves).

You always cross your fingers about the weather before an outdoor shoot, but we really weren't expecting snow before Thanksgiving. But, snow it did! This is New England after all.

With thousands of dollars on the line if we were we to lose the day, cast and crew soldiered on and it made for a really interesting process.

To avoid the large wet snowflakes, we rigged a series of umbrellas for everything from the camera and crew to our star talent Jennifer Wilson. Fur trim also seemed to help.

Some more of the CCAS team weathering the weather:

Fortunately, the weather wasn't crucial to the script and actually made for more atmospheric images. The low clouds and snow-filled sky casting a soft, even light and the late Fall New England leaves still providing some colorful pop.

Director Steven Stuart Baldwin signals Touchdown! on the Umbella-Cam (patent pending) jib shot.

Then we got to move indoors to for the warm, cozy part of the shoot:

After a long day everyone felt celebratory.

Cast and Crew bid adieu...

Looking forward to shooting again with Playomatic and CCAS later this month. They're great people to work with!

(photos and text ©bradkelly2007)


Art said...

Hey Brad Great to see you are blogging!

BradKellyFilms said...

Thanks, Art. I've been a lurker on your great blog for a while. I'm not sure I'll be able to match your blazing pace with the posts, but you're an inspiration! I know we're neighbors and all, but I usually see you in Salem, not Somerville lately. If I get a chance to hop on the Trolley this year I'll say hello!