Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Filming a project for the new "Lost Museum" in Salem, MA.

It was a fun time filming for an installation, over the summer, at the new "Lost Museum" in Salem, MA. Part of the Gallows Hill Theatre complex. It opened this fall to rave reviews (on TripAdvisor).

One of the challenges was to shoot vertically, 9:16 rather than 16:9 as the video will be played back in portrait orientation as part of the exhibit.

My trusty Canon C100, a special 90 degree rotating tripod head, mics, lights and a fog machine and the scene was set. Costumes, make-up and script by Erik Rodenhiser. Check it out if you're in Salem!

An urgent warning. Filming a project for the new Lost Museum in Salem, MA. Coming soon! #bts #videoproduction #scary

Video portrait of a ghostly 19th century merchant.

Shooting ghosts in Salem, today. #videoproduction #sfx #paranormal #ectoplasm

Shooting ghosts in Salem. #videoproduction #sfx #paranormal #ectoplasm