Saturday, May 11, 2013

Game of Thrones Ascent Footage to Air on HBO this weekend

Shooting interviews with the guys doing the new Game of Thrones online game.

Last month HBO requested the raw interview footage I shot, with Steve Webster of Impact Design,
  of the hot local game design folks Disruptor Beam, for the Game of Thrones Ascent trailer.

Turns out they've incorporated it into a featurette that is airing on HBO starting this weekend! I haven't seen it yet and I'm mighty curious to see what they've done with it.


Best of all, I can now cross the "have footage I shot run in an interstitial featurette on HBO" off my bucket list. Onward and upwards!


The featurette started airing yesterday and is scheduled to air at these times, as well:

Game of Thrones Ascent Featurette Air Times: May 11th-13th

Saturday at 2:29pm on HBO Signature
Saturday at 5:17pm on HBO Signature
Saturday at 9:39pm on HBO
Sunday at 1:07am on HBO Signature
Sunday at 1:33am on HBO Zone
Sunday at 1:08pm on HBO Zone
Sunday at 6:58pm on HBO2
Sunday at 7:12pm on HBO
Sunday at 11:01pm on HBO Signature
Monday at 3:48am on HBO
Monday at 9:39am on HBO
Monday at 12:04pm on HBO Comedy
Monday at 9:00pm on HBO Zone