Friday, November 11, 2011

Kickstarter Success! The Oblique Sector movie festival tour gets fully funded. And Red Rocks Film Market news.

A huge "Thank You" to everyone who contributed to our Oblique Sector Kickstarter campaign and put us over the top!

I shot and edited a short appeal video this summer and we had no idea if we would find enough backers to raise the funds necessary to keep submitting the film to festivals, a surprisingly costly part of the independent filmmaking process. You can see our video below:

We were overwhelmed by the generosity of the kind folks who pitched in and gave us over $3000 (so far)! We're thrilled to keep The Oblique Sector out there on its festival run.

And if you'd like to help you can still get on board train and grab a DVD or other cool awards by donating before midnight tomorrow. We are very grateful!

In other news, we are pleased to report that The Oblique Sector is available at the Red Rocks Film Market in Utah, this weekend.