Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our comedy short "The Oblique Sector" an Official Selection in the 2011 Nantucket Film Festival

Albion Park Productions (a new production company that I started last year with some very talented and creative collaborators) is pleased to announce that our very first project, a short romantic comedy by way of the Twilight Zone called, "The Oblique Sector," is now an Official Selection at the 2011 Nantucket Film Festival!

"Those dating sites never worked for me."
"Those dating sites never worked out for me."

We've set up a website for the short and you can check out the credits, trailer, and other news as it makes the festival circuit:

Check the updates as there are several local screenings to be announced shortly.

Preview: Here's a peak inside the world we like to call, The Oblique Sector!
The Trailer

I had a great time creating this along with some very talented folks, including Director Jason Reulet, who pulled double duty as the Oblique Narrator, himself!

Amanda Hennessey not only co-wrote and produced, she turned in a great performance as our heroine.

My thanks as well to video-maven Sam Sacks, who broke in his new Canon HDSLR so we could shoot two camera coverage to get the restaurant scene finished in the limited time we had before the real diners came pouring in to Chianti in Beverly, MA.

We've got many good things brewing and I'm looking forward to our continuing collaboration!
"The Oblique Sector" by Albion Park Productions
Chemistry is filled with complicated equations, and romantic chemistry is no different.

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P.S.-Nantucket Film Festival...that's a great logo you have there.