Friday, May 14, 2010

Get a Free MIT Education Online

Believe it or not, MIT has placed virtually all their courses online and made them available to anyone. Approximately 1900 different classes on MIT Open CourseWare (OCW). Many even have steaming video of the full lectures.

I discovered this when I was contacted by MIT about using a portrait I had taken of MIT President Emeritus Paul Gray to illustrate a feature article on the MIT OCW website.

The portrait in question was actually an HD video still from an interview I had shot, with some Photoshop post-processing--a phenomenon further illustrating the ongoing convergence of the still photography and filmmaking fields. Certainly, a subject worthy of another blog post (or maybe a new MIT course).

Of course, the OCW website cautions that it "is not an MIT education." And that it does not grant degrees or certificates, but it's a stunning educational resource nonetheless.