Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Short film "Untied" finished and website live


Untied, a short film for which I was the Director of Photography has been finished by Director/Editor Adam Woodworth and the Untied website is now live.

Untied still
DJ Hazard as "retired" mobster Sal Antonelli

The film revisits a similar underworld milieu as his award winning Bourbon short, but is not a sequel, as such. As the logline states:

"Untied" is the story of an old, retired mob hit-man, Sal Antonelli, who comes face to face with his own hit-man. In an attempt to extend his life, Sal stalls the hit-man by telling his life story."

Starring: DJ Hazard, Nat Sylva, Amber Daniels, Bianca Cipolla
Original screenplay by Keith Hedger


The film was shot this summer in Boston, Worcester and Waltham in HD using 35mm prime lenses adapted for my Panasonic HVX200. Hopefully, I'll do a blog post about the technical aspects of the shoot in the near future. In the meantime, there are a bunch of video stills and behind the scenes production photos on the Untied website.

One nice thing about working with Adam; he has the work ethic and drive to complete his projects, so you know your work will see the light of day. Too often, small indie projects have a tendency to get stalled along the way from raw footage to finished film.

Adam checks out a setup

Expect a local screening, probably at the Brattle Theatre later this winter, followed by the film hitting the festival circuit in 2010.

DJ Hazard as Sal

DJ as DJ
DJ Hazard as DJ Hazard