Monday, October 27, 2008

BOO!!: :60 sec Promo for the Witches Cottage in Salem

I recently shot this :60 sec spot for the Witches Cottage at the Griffen Theatre in Salem, MA. The footage was edited by Steven Stuart at Playomatic Media Group.

The multi-talented Erik Rodenhiser owns and runs the Griffen Theatre at 7 Lynde Street in Salem. The theater usually hosts a fun, frightful show called, "Eerie Legends of Salem," as well as a variety of theatrical readings, improv comedy showcases and plays.

During Halloween season, however, the theater ups the ante and transforms itself into "The Witches Cottage," featuring a live multi-media theatrical performance exploring the ghosts, legends, Native American tales and history of witchcraft in New England.

As of this posting, the links to the Griffen Theatre and Witches Cottage websites are showing a "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" page. Hopefully, this means business is very good for Erik and the cast and crew this week. (I'm sure that's mostly due to the demand created by the fantastic trailer that we put together!;-)

In case the website is not back up shortly, The Witches Cottage/Griffen Theatre can be reached at:

7 Lynde Street
Salem, MA 01970

To quote one of the reviewers on Trip Advisor:

"The quality of the attractions in Salem vary widely. Amid a field of the mediocre, the Griffen Theatre shines!...Salem could sure use a few more places like this - a Must See !!"


Steve said...

Sweet. That was a fun day.