Friday, March 21, 2008

Local Resonance


There's been some really good press in the run-up to the show here in snowy Michigan!

This morning WYCE aired an interview with Brian Vander Ark and my brother about "Karma Generator" and Brian's concert. You can listen to the INTERVIEW stream online, too.

And there's another nice mention in John Sinkevics' Grand Rapids Press blog here:

I just checked out the venue and worked with Blue Water Technologies to set-up the mega-giant projection screen for the movie. Awesome!

Plus, the stage setup is such that Brian Vander Ark is bringing the Airstream right on stage as a back drop. How cool is that for our concert film shoot!?!?

See you there tomorrow for blast-off!



jenn said...

Congrats on the film!

One question... what are those green puffy things? Giant Snowballs?

looking forward to seeing your next project!

ps You can now access my blog.