Friday, February 29, 2008

URC at 303 Third Street: You don't have to be smart to live here, but it helps...

MIT President Emeritus Paul Gray

Want to live in sleek modern surroundings high above the intellectual buzz of Kendall Square?

Got your diploma?

I worked with the fine folks at inMotion Real Estate Media to shoot some interviews in High Definition to get the word out about the new 168 unit development called URC (University Residential Communities) at 303 Third Street in Kendall Square, Cambridge.

The only catch is, in order to be eligible to purchase there, you need to be affiliated with one of three venerable New England institutions; MIT, Harvard University or Mass General Hospital. (I visited a friend once, at Mass General, does that count?)

O. Robert Simha, long-time director of planning at MIT

The final product incorporates some motion graphics and animation as well as the HD video elements. You can view it here in the video gallery:


Tanager said...

I wonder if they'd let me apply to live there...LOL

BradKellyFilms said...

Very amusing, tanager!